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About WG Capital

Betting on Successes

WG Capital was founded after years of working in the business and investment industry. Our goal is to help businesses continue running successfully by providing them with working capital. As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking to bridge the gap that major banks left open to main street business owners, while also making the process efficient and transparent for you, the merchant. Since we are not a bank, we are able to assist most merchants who are deemed unqualifiable by traditional banking standards. Apply now and you can receive funding in 24 hours or less! For details about our process as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us.



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Contract and minimum paperwork required to receive financing. To fund, typically, we require only:

  • The fully executed agreement

  • Driver’s license

  • Voided business check

  • Business license

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Receive your money via direct deposit or ACH within 24 hours.

Our top priority is to help small and medium sized businesses in different niches obtain the working capital that they need. Our merchant cash advance is fast, easy, and seamlessly integrates into your current merchant processing system. We make it our business to help your business grow and become profitable once again. So, the next time you are looking for working capital, don’t think about risking your personal or company assets by turning to a financial institution for asset-based lending – try WG Capital! We know how important your assets are to you and your business, but we also know how bad you need the cash. With a simple and relatively short application process, you can get a business cash advance of up to $2 million.


Businesses are dynamic and are often met with unexpected challenges. Whether you’re looking to expand, purchase new inventory or build your customer retention, working capital is the tool required to get that job done. At WG Capital, we provide business finance solutions tailored to your business needs along with the tools to raise your bottom line. After all, your success is directly related to our success, and as a direct lender, our interests are in line with yours. We truly want your business to succeed!


When working with WG Capital, you do not have to put any company or personal assets as collateral to get quick cash for your business. And when you don’t put any asset as collateral, you do not run the risk of losing it. With a business cash advance you only pay a portion of the sales that your business makes. 

We're focused on getting you approved so your business can thrive.

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